Thursday, April 2, 2009

long time, no post!

I've gotten inquiries from several of you wondering why we haven't posted in a while. Sorry! Honestly it's because we haven't had anything new to write in awhile.

The name of the game has been "perseverance" these last weeks. After a flurry of change and challenges in the early days of this adventure, life has fallen into a predictable rhythm defined by the stretch between chemo treatments. The challenge has been facing the familiar with the same desperate faith as we did the unfamiliar. It is ironic that sometimes this is the more difficult task!

As I've written many times, I continue to be amazed and thankful at the steadfast love and support of you who are choosing to persevere with us! I know in the future, if ever God gives me the opportunity to play the supportive friend for someone else, that person will have you to thank for teaching me just what that really means.

Tomorrow (Friday April 3rd) I go in for a CT scan to gauge the progress of the treatments so far. I will get to sit down with the doctor next Wednesday (the 8th) to hear the results. So plan on hearing from us then, hopefully with good news...

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