Wednesday, March 18, 2009

chemo day reminders

Today is chemo day. I've been dreading this day more than usual, I think, because I was feeling so good the last few days and don't want to go back to feeling bad. But dealing with that dread the last few days has reminded me of a few things:

1)The importance of rest and fun. Casey, the kids and I got a chance to get out of town for a few days for Spring Break, and I was surprised at how good it was to get away for a little bit. Being in a different setting, away from the daily grind, was so good. It was good to do things that refresh my soul - be outside, have a little adventure, have fun with the family... Please pray that Casey and the kids will continue to experience refreshment as I begin chemo.

2) The importance of friendship. Yesterday I left Casey and the kids in Tyler to come back for chemo today and picked up my best friend/brother Mike at the airport in Dallas. I was reminded how much I (and we all) need people to encourage me in the journey and keep pointing me to my ultimate hope - Jesus. This morning Mike sat in on the morning Bible study I have with some good friends each week and we talked about a man named Jairus whose account is found in Mark chapter 5. In his most depsperate hour his friends told him not to bother Jesus anymore because it was hopeless. I am so thankful I have friends who say the opposite - don't stop looking at Jesus, put your hope in HIm because He is the only one worthy of it.

3) The importance of trying times. In that same passage in the gospel of Mark, both Jairus and another woman are brought to their knees because of their desparate circumstances. It was in the risky posture of desperate dependence precipitated by these dire circumstances that produced a life changing encounter with Jesus. I can identify with them in that I have experienced the grace and love of God's powerful presence so much more deeply these days precisely because I am in touch with my desperate condition. I am actually thankful for trying times like this one because it helps me realize how much more I could experience Him (and therefore the life for which He made me).


  1. Man, what an awesome outlook! It is a privilege to be a teammate of yours. We're praying for you today. - Chuck

  2. These last few posts really bless me. To see the body of Christ caring for you so...that is Jesus in the flesh.

    Am praying for you this chemo day, and I'm SO glad Mike is with you.

  3. A great peace and joy for us is knowing that
    God is personally taking care of you and Casey
    and the kids. Your church is awesome and your
    universal church is praying for you and being
    ministered to, by your witness. PTL

  4. Hang in there Adam. I think about you all of the time. I remember being so emotional the days I had to do chemo again. It makes you really appreciate the days that you feel good and food sounds good to eat. If you have lost your taste buds, they do come back post-chemo. I hope your treatments are going well. God is so amazing how he can take cancer and teach us so many life lessons. God bless you and your family.
    Amy Ahrens