Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh well...

This has been a crazy week. Actually, all the weeks are running together. What is normal now? We were supposed to take the kids camping this weekend to Palo Duro Canyon. This is Adam's week before chemo- when he's usually feeling his best. We have been saving this week for things that require the most energy or things Adam would really want to feel good for- like camping. The ideal was to get away for a small adventure with the kids. It has been so windy that we haven't had many opportunities to really get out and play. However, camping doesn't ever go as planned. We were aware of this, but it still sounded fun. Nature, scenery, bonding, adventure....However, it isn't going to happen. There are several reasons, one big one for me is that Adam is unusually tired. He's also fighting lots of painful mouth sores. He is so willing to push through his fatigue with a smile that it's easy for me to forget he's still sick. I think it's easy for him to forget as well. Well, this week is the reminder that we aren't finished yet. We are still in this season as much as we'd like to move on. This is when perseverence really kicks in. There is still much for which to be thankful. It's just that now we are practicing gratitude as a discipline as well as an emotion. God is good- all the time. All the time- God is good. That camping trip will come. Just not yet.


  1. Praying for you all...maybe you can camp in the backyard or living room? We do that alot!

  2. Someone told me recently as I was on bed rest that God gives us "seasons" so we know that "it" won't last forever.
    Praying for your season.