Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today is chemo day, but more importantly news-wise, we got to talk with the doctor about the CT scan I had on Friday. The news is good!

Bottom line - the tumor continues to shrink and we are right on track with the treatment plan!
While the tumor initially measured around 10cm x 11cm, it now measures at 3.5cm x 5.9cm - a little less than half it's original size. Because the tumor has been responsive to chemo so far, the doctor expressed optimism that the treatment will be successful.

The plan continues to be to take two more rounds of chemo followed by a PET/CT scan which will allow them to measure both the physical dimensions of the tumor and if the tumor is still active or not. This scan will determine next steps. If the tumor continues to shrink considerably and they think more chemo will be effective, they may order two more rounds of chemo. If the PET scan reveals a tumor that has reached the end of its responsiveness to chemo, but is still somewhat "alive", then radiation is the next step. If the tumor appears to be "dead", then we will consult with the doctors on the costs/benefits of doing radiation. They may decide to do the radiation anyway as a preventative measure for any future occurrence since the tumor was so large initially.

Ok - the benadryll they give me before the chemo has just hit me, so I will sign off for now. It's hard to type "drunk"! I will definitely keep you posted if more details emerge. Thanks for all your prayers and love...
-Adam (for Casey, Ben and Ellie)


  1. wow, more to praise the Lord about this Passover/crucifixion-resurrection celebration! so thankful the treatments are working and the Lord continues to wrap you in His hope, strength and love.

    much love, kt

  2. The Lord is working through you at this time. I am encouraged in my journey with cancer as you continue steady improvement. Thank you for your leadership and friendship with Clay, Kari, and Gage!

    Patty Reynolds

  3. exciting news. But I'm not suprised by any of it. We've had complete faith that you would be healed. Iowa's still too cold for someone in your weakened state so don't bother coming till summer. We built a 7 foot snowman on Sunday and its still about 4 foot tall.

  4. Yay!!!! That's awesome! We'll keep praying.

  5. Adam & Casey, I'm so glad to hear the positive response to treatments. Like so many I have been praying for God's blessing and provision for you. Hope you're having good days this week. Let me know if you are ever in Arlington. Would love to come over and see you again.
    David & Phyllis Jenkins