Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Casey here. I just wanted to update you all a little bit. Ellie is feeling all better. Friday was her first fever free day and she jumped on the trampoline for over an hour out of joy that she was finally well and free. I must admit, it was a challenging week with her sick and Adam's pleurisy issues. If this week had a theme it would be "learning hard lessons." In this case they are hard but good lessons meant to draw us nearer to God and who we are in him. I have had many opportunities to fix my gaze on Him when I have completely run out of my own resources. The more "out" I am the more I look to Him. I am encouraged that I am learning to do this even with the little things. For example, I took both kids with me to Walmart on Sunday. We were trying to stay out of the house so Adam could catch up on some sleep after being in the ER very early that morning. My strategy had been to shamelessly bribe the kids with a surprise reward for good behavior but they blew that plan in the first 10 minutes. We managed to get all our shopping done and they stopped fussing with each other for the most part. As we were leaving I remembered that we had parked far away from a place to return our cart. We had been at Walmart for two long hours and I couldn't wrap my brain around this obstacle. "What do I do with this cart? I don't want to leave it here but I don't want to be that far from the kids while I return it. My brain can't wrap around another obstacle." This was a small, silly delima but I asked God to help me. Just then a car parks next to us and as I'm pondering my next move a nice man asked" Can I take your cart?"... God is with me even in the silly little obstacles. As I fix my gaze on Him more, I see Him more and I see Him care about the silly little things because He loves me. This lesson is hard but good.


  1. It was so nice to see your sweet, smiling face at BSF today. We miss you when you aren't there. I am so encouraged by your positive attitude and your reliance on God. It is a good lesson for me. We missed you at fellowship but talked about what a great witness you are to all of us. Continuing to lift up your family, Beth.

  2. I'm so glad you guys do this blog! You are an amazing woman Casey! I wish I could keep your kids for you or do your laundry or something. There are too many states between TX and CA. :( I will be praying for you guys -Hugs!!!