Wednesday, June 10, 2009

what's new

Hey friends, I just wanted to keep you posted on what's new with Adam. He's had radiation everyday this week. It doesn't take too long and didn't keep him from volunteering at the sports camp our church helps host each year. He has three tiny tattoos now where they target the radiation. They're permanent. He's really living on the wild side seeing as they are smaller than a freckle. :) Anyway, we are very grateful to be able to get away this weekend with the kids. We will go enjoy the mountains for a few days where my folks have a lovely home. We've been feeling the need for a little rest and the mountains have always been been a place where God restores us. I guess you could say it's holy ground for us. It's been difficult to move forward mentally and emotionally and just knowing that we get to get away for a couple of days is like a breath of new life. Adam meets with the radiation oncologist tomorrow so we'll keep you posted with anything new soon.


  1. A long lost cousin has been praying for you guys all the way over here in Alabama. My church, and prayer team has been involved as well. WE BELIEVE IN A HEALING NO MATTER WHAT IT IS! AMEN! I love you guys so much and think about you every day.

  2. Hang in there buddy! We continue to lift you and your family up!

    I still remember when I was in high school and you came to stay at my parents' house between your college transfer years from the school that shall remain nameless. To many great times past and many more to come!!