Sunday, January 4, 2009

How You Can Help

We hope this blog site, in conjunction with a care calendar, will help everyone who loves the Morrows, love on them the best we can! We (their small group) will be keeping you updated on how you can serve this wonderful family, and Adam & Casey will be posting as well with updates on how they are doing.

Please see the link on the left of the page for the Morrow's care calendar ( You can sign up to provide meals/restaurant gift cards on this calendar. You will need the CALENDAR CODE : 10660 & SECURITY CODE : 9900.

Please note that we are not beginning meals until the first week of Adam's Chemo treatments...a week from Wed.

There are other ways to partner with Adam and Casey right now... 1. Obviously devote yourself to pray for them and their children. 2. We believe giving Visa Gift cards would be a wonderful way to help curtail the medical expenses the Morrow's will be facing. These gift cards can be used anywhere... so that will allow Adam and Casey to cover a variety of needs.

Thanks for caring. Please call or email us with any questions, concerns or ideas (Sarah 928-8472/mailto:928-8472/ or Mindy 778-7198/

Sincerely, The Morrows small group, A.K.A."PotLuck"

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