Thursday, January 15, 2009

Adam Morrow Special Account

An account has been set up at Peoples Bank so deposits can be made to help the Morrows curtail the many expenses that come along with cancer treatment.

You may go by the following Peoples Bank branches to make a deposit: 34th and Memphis, 82nd just west of United Supermarket, and in Shallowater, Lorenzo and Nazareth. Just tell the teller you want to contribute to the Adam Morrow Special Account.

Or you can mail in your deposit to People's Bank 5820 82nd Street Lubbock, Texas 79424. Be sure to put a note in your envelope with your check that designates the deposit is to go to the Adam Morrow Special Account.

Lastly, Live Oak-ers may write a check and turn it into to Live Oak Community Church (10701 S. Frankford) and designate it to Morrow family.

If you make a contribution (in any of the above ways) and wish for the Morrows to be made aware of your gift, please call Chuck Williams @ Live Oak (798-5583) or Mark Porter (777-4045) and they will let the Morrows know (otherwise the gifts are anonymous). You may also give your gift directly to the Morrows.

Please note contributions are not tax deductible.


  1. Thanks "potluck" for setting all this up, such a great way to provide for the practical needs of the Morrows.

  2. I called the bank today to see how we can help from Houston since we don't have a Peoples Bank here. They told me that I can mail a payment to 5820 82nd Street Lubbock, TX 79424 and put attn: Chelsea Salazar - also put Adam's name on the bottom of the check and they will make sure it gets into the fund. You can make the check out to Peoples Bank or Adam Morrow.I just thought others might want to know how they can help outside of the Lubbock area.
    Love ya' cuz'