Wednesday, May 27, 2009

what cancer?

According to Dr. Cruz, the chemo worked and the tumor is dead for all intents and purposes! He recommends that we talk to the radiation oncologist to do some targeted radiation just to make sure it is good and nuked. He said the chances of it never coming back are around 90%!

On one hand, this is exactly what I expected to hear, and it's almost as if it's no big deal - I am ready to move on with life. On the other hand, I am having moments where I am kind of relaxing emotionally and letting it sink in that I am very near the end of a crazy journey. We have been so geared up to deal with cancer treatment that I haven't really reckoned emotionally with how hard it has been. So I find myself wanting to laugh and cry at the same time.

Most of all I feel so incredibly thankful to God and have a new sense of adventure in life with Him. I feel ready to live each day saying "wherever, whenever,whatever - I'll follow you"


  1. Adam and Casey,
    We are so thankful for your good report and for sharing your journey with all of us! All I can say is that we're praising!

  2. What wonderful news....Praise be to God!!! The emotions tend to catch up with what you have been through. When you are in treatment, you don't have time to really think about anything else except surviving. I remember when my hair started to come back everyone thought I was better. But in my head, I still had so many issues to deal with. My mortality, what I had been through and trying to find my "new normal". You will find your way and I will pray that you find your new normal and have a new found appreciation for everything in your life! God bless you Adam and your family,
    Amy Ahrens, breast cancer survivor - 2 1/2 years

  3. Praise God!!!! I'm so happy for you!

  4. That is fabulous news! We are praising the Lord with you and celebrating the end of this journey with you!

    Amelia and Jon

  5. HURRAY!!!!!!!
    Much love to you and your sweet family - John & Kathy Bell

  6. I am so Happy for you GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!
    Much Love To You and Your Family - Alex and Brandy Nora

  7. Praise! Praise! Praise the Lord! Praying and rejoicing!
    love you guys,

  8. Awesome new Adam!!! We need to get you back in the cohort of (L)ove!

    - justin

  9. Ding Dong the tumor's dead, the tumor's dead, the tumor's dead...ding dong that wicked old cancer's dead...

    The Morrows can go where the Lord says go, yo ho! Yo- Ho, yo-ho yo-ho...

    Let's open up and sing... and ring the bells out...

    Ding dong the merry-oh! Sing it High! Sing it Low! Let them, know the cancer's finally dead!

    OK, Morrows, there's no place like "home," but we are all glad that you have the courage, brains, heart (and health) to walk this road with your friends and family for the next 70 years or so.